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Here's your chance to make a great first impression


Does That’s Lovely Dear do custom-made pins?

All of That's Lovely Dear's designs are original, meaning you can't get them anywhere else but here at our store! If you have any requests of future designs or products, send us a email at Otherwise, for wholesale enquiries,look below:.

What does ‘seconds’ mean?

A ‘seconds’ pin normally has some kind of flaw or imperfection. For some of our pins, they might have been printed slightly off-centre, or perhaps the colours aren’t quite what we expected them to be. They’re still super-cute, and we offer them at a big old discount for you!

What are your Limited Edition Packs?

My pins keep falling off, what can I do?!

All of our pins come with high quality butterfly clasps, so it shouldn't be a problem. However, once in a while, you may come across a missing pin that has fallen off during your day to day activities. We have that very same problem – and that’s why we offer lockable backings for your pins! Quick – type it in the shop’s search bar now!

Do you do gift cards?

We sure do! You can purchase our gift cards under our "Shop" menu on our homepage.

What are the benefits of joining your loyalty program?

You are cordially invited to join THE LOVE CLUB. You will have access to rewards such as receiving store credit towards your future purchases as a loyal customer., exclusive new looks at new products, and being part of our amazing supportive community.

I saw a design of yours being sold somewhere else?

Please report the user and let us know, we do not support art theft and it is illegal and an infringement against our copyright. Do not support or buy from the user, as most likely their other designs are stolen from other companies and artists.


Order Enquiries:

Something’s not right with my order, what do I do?

Every now and then something slips under the radar and you end up with something in your package not quite how it should be. First of all, we are so very sorry – it can get hectic at HQ sometimes! Send us an email and we will sort it out ASAP.

My order is a gift, can you put in a receipt without the cost on it?

If your order is a gift, please select the "gift" option when completing the order and they will receive a gorgeously wrapped package all from you!

I've made two or more orders? Can I combine the orders?

Since we get such a high volume of orders we do not allow combining of orders.

My order has arrived damaged? Is there anything I can do?

Occasionally, one bad pin slips through our quality checking process and we truly apologise that you’ve received an item that isn’t up your or our standards. We will pop a new enamel pin in the mail immediately and it shall be zooming its way to you!

Are there any active discount codes?

Follow our instagram @thatslovelydearshop, and you might just be at the right time and place when we announce our sales, coupons and giveaways!


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